30 Amazing Ideas To Install DIY Kitchen Open Shelves

By | January 25, 2021

The open shelving kitchen is a trend. It gives the kitchen a modern and impressive look. It’s worth saying that the open shelves save a lot of space for the kitchen. They are hung on the wall and becomes a stunning kitchen decor. You can definitely add a beautiful green hue to them with small plant pots. Who can keep their eyes off these hanging shelves when coming to their kitchen?

And here are 30 amazing ideas to install DIY kitchen open shelves. If you prefer modern and simple kitchen decor, these are right up your street. They are clever ways to store and organize gadgets in your kitchen, from spice jars to pots. Your kitchen will never be cramped even when it’s small. For space-saving and mess-free kitchen purposes, just build an open-shelving kitchen.

1. Beautiful Vintage Kitchen Shelves from Wood Slab

2. Modern Kitchen Open Shelves with Plant Planters

3. Boho Kitchen Open Shelving

4. Rustic Open Kitchen Shelving

5. Open Kitchen Shelving with Lush Houseplant

6. Stylish Open Kitchen Shelving

7. DIY Wooden Kitchen Shelving

8. Zero-Waste Kitchen with Open Shelves

9. Small Open Kitchen Shelving In No Time

10. Cottage Style Kitchen Shelves

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