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15 Everyday Foods That Aren’t What We Think They Are

Strawberries aren’t berries and white chocolate isn’t chocolate. These facts might sound surprising, but they’re totally true. Science classifies food items a little differently than how we classify them in our kitchen. Feedxp made a list of food items that aren’t “botanically” what we think them to be. And don’t miss the bonus section at the end where you can guess which of the 2 is the real meat… Read More »

20 Designers Who Thought About Women’s Comfort and Won a Million Thanks

Artificial intelligence, home robots, and smartphones were designed to make our lives easier. However, there are things of a smaller scale, but no less demanded and necessary in female everyday life. So when designers solve a definite girl beauty or comfort problem, women are ready to thank that inventor forever. So here at Feedxp we stumbled upon several terrific inventions, that took female specificities into account, that… Read More »