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20 Creative Repurposed Benches For Garden And Backyard

It’s exciting to set up a bench in your garden and backyard. This bench serves for both functioning purposes. It initially enables you to sit on and get relaxed after doing gardening or walking around your home. If a close friend comes by your home, you may even chat with her on the bench. So… Read More »

How To Make A Planter From 5 Tiles

I had recently redone my fireplace and had a lot of leftover ties. The tiles I had selected for my fireplace were really expensive ornate tiles from Italy, so I really wanted to find some other projects where I could use the leftover tiles. I went searching on YouTube and found this brilliant small box… Read More »

How To Make A Plastic Bottle Tiered Planter

I love fresh herbs and vegetables for the pasta and homemade pizzas I make for my family, but really for every meal I cook. When I buy it either freshly cut or actually growing in a pot, it withers and dies quickly and pre-cut is very expensive, also organic is my choice but it can… Read More »

DIY Hypertufa Planters

These hypertufa planters are one of the easiest things to make and they are so eco-friendly and historically important. Hypertufa is basically faux tufa and real tufa is a variety of limestone material found in many other parts of Europe, it was used as an outdoor garden material because plants do very well in this… Read More »

Unique Flower Planters That Will Beautify Your Garden

If you want to be creative and to make something outstanding for your garden, here we are with some great ideas on how you can make something extraordinary. Probably, you have seen some of our garden ideas, but today we would like to draw your attention to the flower planters and how you can make… Read More »